Mozzartbet Kenya is among the entrants to the African gambling industry and has completely surprised everyone by their great and amazing bonuses. Mozzartbet Kenya Limited owns and operates this betting platform. It is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya under the betting lotteries and gaming act Cap 131 under the license number 671.

Mozzartbet Kenya has made massive investments into the gambling market, opening several physical shops across the country.

It also has an awe-inspiring website that offers live betting, sports betting, virtual play, lotteries, promotions, and jackpots. In this review guide, we will be covering all the essential things you need to know about Mozzartbet Kenya.

Mozzartbet Sportsbook

The Mozzartbet betting markets are full of loads of fixtures in a single day and thousands of games over the weekends. The top markets at Mozzartbet are tennis and football, but the platform offers its punters with a taste of virtual games and lotteries. Here are some of the sports available at Mozzartbet Kenya:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • American Football
  • Futsal
  • Snooker
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Picado
  • Table Tennis
  • E-sports

Its odds are very average, although the bookmaker offers its punters with great bonuses.

The design of the Mozzartbet website is awe-inspiring and of a classy layout. All the features and tabs are easy to find, and its yellow and dark blue color scheme is accessible on the punter’s eyes. The Mozzartbet site never relies on cheap gimmicks to attract the attention of its users. Although there are players who think that some of the parts on the website like the promotions sections need more information to assist the site user in navigating through them with ease, it is straightforward to use. There are also texts in the markets and submarkets section of the sportsbook, which are not clear and can prove a bit of a problem when users pick their wagers.

One outstanding feature that most of the Mozzartbet users liked is the detailed statistical information it provides in all the matches featured on the sportsbook. The statistics include previous and upcoming fixtures, head to head information, league tables, and stadium and referee information.

Mozzartbet Website

Mozzartbet Kenya Registration

Like the other gambling sites in Africa, Mozzartbet Kenya also has different ways of registering new users. The first and most common method is registering users through the official Mozzartbet website. The second method is registration via SMS, and the latter method is registration using the Mozzartbet app. We will be looking at every one of these methods.

Mozzartbet Web Registration

In Mozzartbet webs registration, everything is simple. Here is a step by step guide on how to sign up for an account on Mozzartbet via its official website.

  • Open the browser
  • Enter the official website that has been designed for Kenyan players
  • Click on the blue Register link located at the top right corner of the screen
  • Enter your mobile phone number and password
  • Read through the terms and conditions section and click on the checkbox to confirm that you have read and understood the conditions. You will also confirm that you are above 18 years old since gambling is not allowed on minors.
  • Click on the large blue register button to complete the registration process.
  • You are now a registered user and can start placing bets on the Mozzartbet site.

Mozzartbet Registration via SMS

It is also possible for an interested player to sign up with Mozzartbet via SMS. Since most Kenyans are known to always move around with their mobile phones and with the possibility of signing up through SMS, they can register from anyplace at any time.

Registration via SMS is instant, and you will just need to send a message ‘Win’ to 299990. Within a short time, you will receive an SMS message with your login details.

Mobile App Mozzartbet Registration

The Mozzartbet bookmaker has a mobile app which you can always download from the Mozzartbet official website to your device. You can quickly go through the registration procedure by following the instructions provided on the app page. The steps are almost similar to those on online registration.

Types of Bets at Mozzartbet

There are different types of bets available at Mozzartbet, Kenya. We will be looking at some of the main bet types you will be making more often when using the Mozzartbet platform.

Single Bets

The single bet refers to placing a bet on a single selection of an event. However, the bet must be successful for the player to get a return. For example, in the Chelsea vs. Aston Villa match, the odds of Aston Villa are 15.00. When you place your bet on Aston Villa winning against Chelsea, you will 15 times more of what you have stakes. Let us say you staked KSH 100. You will win the KSH 1500. You will lose the bet if Aston Villa draws or loses the match.

Multiple Bet

Multiple bets can, at times referred to as combination bets or combo bets. Multiple bet is one of the most popular football bets which are made by most of the punters. It is just a single bet linking two or more wagers and is always dependent on all the lotteries winning. The benefit of multiple bets is that it always has a higher payoff when compared to placing individual bets.

A wager can place bets from different sports, leagues, and tournaments. They can also be on different dates.

For example, you can place bets on three different games:

  • Real Madrid vs. Valencia
  • Barcelona vs. Sevilla
  • Atletico Madrid vs Levante

When you stake on KSH 1000 on Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona and your bet wins, you will be rewarded. However, if any of those teams lose or draw, you will lose the entire bet.

To add the bets, you just have to click on the game odds you want to add on your bet slip, and they will be added automatically.

In this selection, all the selections you made will have to be correct for your bet to succeed.

Draw No bet

It is a type of bet that means if a match ends in a draw, then the stake will be returned. For instance, when you place a bet on a team to win, but you think that maybe the match will just end in a draw. Suppose you were to place a draw, no bet wager, high chance you will always get a return if your team wins. When the match ends in a draw, then your stake will be refunded to you.

Both Teams to score (Goal Goal)

Both teams to score are also referred to as goal-goal. In this bet type, you will place on both teams to score if you think that a high chance both teams will score a goal. When the team manages to score, then your bet will be victorious. It is also possible you decide to bet against both teams scoring.

Bonuses and Promotions

Mozzartbet Bonus

There are many bonuses and promotions Mozzartbet players will get whenever they take part in the Mozzartbet events. Here are some of the main bonuses available at Mozzartbet, Kenya.

Mozzartbet Bet Bonus 1000%

It Mozzartbet Bet Bonus 1000% will allow the players who are using the Mozzartbet Kenya platform to earn percentage bonuses from 2% to 750% in the standard duration and from 2% to 1000% on the happy hour.

Every Mozzartbet bet bonus 1000% will be paid depending on the section number of the punter shoes. The betting time depends on whether it will be happy hours or regular hours.

Mozzartbet Tucheze Bonus

The Mozzartbet tucheze bonus offers after promoting the Mozzartbet bet contact with their clients as the players. The players will always get rewards when they predict the event outcome via Mozzartbet social media pages like Twitter and Facebook.

Every week, the Mozzartbet features up to six games, which are played as a multi bet depending on the market being targeted that particular week. That will be courtesy of the tucheze bonus promotion. For example, in the first week, halftime, full time, second-week correct scores, the third week can be Mozzartbet combinations, and so on.

Happy Monday Bonus

With the Happy Monday Bonus, the Mozzartbet is after rewarding your loyalty based on the multiple parameters. Mozzartbet is after making your betting experience rewarding and fun. It offers a perfect chance for the players to start their week with some happiness.

Provided you have an active account on Mozzartbet Kenya, and you did update your account either two years ago, every Monday or a year and a half ago, you will always be surprised by the bonus you will be awarded.

Ensure that you always check your account every Monday for the Monday bonus promotion offer. Claiming this bonus is easy and fast.

Super Charged Odds

With the Supercharged odds offer, you will have the opportunity of winning more by using the big odds. We have three different categories of the supercharged odds. They are:

  • Super 4+1
  • Super 6+1
  • Super 8+1

To qualify for any of these categories, you will always have to choose some games from the regular offer and select the match from the supercharged from every category. However, the terms and conditions do apply.


Mozzartbet Kenya always treats its customers well since they know that they cannot be in the market without their customer base. It is for this reason that they did introduce the refund offer. For a Mozzartbet player to be eligible for this type of refund, one will have to place multiple bets on at least four different games.

Here are some of the available scenarios:

  • Odds Above 29 – Be sure to get your stake back
  • Odds Above 59 – be sure to double your stake.
  • Odds Above 99 – You will get five times your stake
  • Odds Above 499 -You will get up to ten times your stake
  • Odds Above 999 – You will get up to a hundred times your stake

You need to note that this is never applicable to the live bet and system tickets.

Mozzartbet Jackpot bonus

The Mozzartbet bonuses always start from eight correct predictions where the winners always take KSh 50. The winning amount can scale upwards to KSH 10 million for predicting 13 out of 13 correct results. However, if you can get 10 out of 13 correct predictions, you will be awarded KSH 1000.

To bet for the jackpot, you will spend KSH 50 and have KSH 10 million as the maximum amount you can win. Here is a bonus amount of distribution against correct predictions by Mozzartbet.

  • 13 out of 13= 10 million
  • 12 out of 13 = KSH100, 000
  • 11 out of 13 = KSH 10,000
  • 10 out of 13 = KSH 1,000
  • 9 out of 13 = KSH 500
  • 8 out of 13 = KSH 50

How to Place a Bet at Mozzartbet

Placing a bet at Mozzartbet is a straightforward and straightforward procedure that does not consume a lot of time. In this section, we will look at the steps involved in placing bets at Mozzartbet.

  • Open browser
  • Visit the Mozzartbet Kenya official website page
  • Log in to your account by entering your username and password
  • Navigate to the sports betting page and choose from the sporting events being offered on that day
  • Choose the prediction that you want.
  • You can use the more market option that will be shown as + 305 if you want to look into a higher market number.
  • You will be able to view your choice on the right corner of the bet slip.
  • Enter the amount you want to bet
  • The bet slip will have all the selections you made, such as the game name, respective market, and potential winnings and, at times, the bonus amount to expect.
  • That’s all! You are now able to start playing the Mozzartbet sports events and take your winning. You can see the steps are straightforward, simple, and quick.
Mozzartbet Mobile

Payment Methods

Now that you have registered your account with Mozzartbet and know how to place bets, you must know how you can fund your Mozzartbet account to enable you to start playing. The process is quite easy and does not need any type of specialized training or knowledge.

Deposit Options

With most Kenyans using MPESA as one of the easiest and fastest payment methods, we will be looking at how you can fund your account using MPESA.
Here is a step by step guide on funding your Mozzartbet account through MPESA.

  • Go to MPESA
  • Choose Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter Mozzartbet Paybill number 290059
  • Account number enter your name
  • Enter the amount you want to bet
  • Click okay to confirm the transaction
  • You will get an SMS message from MPESA confirming the transaction.

You can also deposit your Mozzartbet by going to the Mozzartbet physical shops. Just get to the cashier and inform them you want to fund your Mozzartbet account. They will help you in the shortest time possible to fund your Mozzartbet account.

The other deposit options include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Ban Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Withdrawal Options

You can always withdraw money from your Mozzartbet account using the Pesa Mkononi service. It is an easy and straightforward service that even beginners can easily enjoy using.

There are different withdrawal options you can always us: The most common methods of withdrawing funds from Mozzartbet are:

  • Withdrawal via SMS
  • Withdrawal of funds at bookmakers’ shops
  • Withdrawal from Mozzartbet official website
  • Withdrawal from Mozzartbet mobile app

Withdrawal via SMS
Here is a guide that will help teach you how you can withdraw money from Mozzartbet.

You will have to send an SMS to 299990 in this format: R#Amount#Shop ID#Pin.

  • R stands for the command to withdraw money
  • The amount is the total amount you want to withdraw
  • Shop ID is the shops’ identification number
  • The pin is the identification number to your MPESA account

For example, when you want to withdraw KSH 600 and your MPESA PIN is 0000 while the shop ID is 1111 then you will send this message R#600#1111#0000 to 299990

Withdrawal of funds at bookmakers’ shops

All you have to do is visit the Mozzartbet physical shop, and the cashiers will direct you on what to do.

Withdrawal from Mozzartbet official website

  • Open browser
  • Open the official Mozzartbet website
  • Log in using your username and password
  • Navigate to account
  • Click withdraw

Withdrawal from Mozzartbet mobile app

  • Open browser
  • Open the official Mozzartbet website
  • Log in using your username and password
  • Choose Name
  • Select Account
  • Click on withdraw

Live Betting / In-play Betting

In Mozart bet Kenya, there is live betting on the sports events, and their selection of odds is more than decent. To access the in-play section, you will have to press on the live bet tab on the blue toolbar situated at the homepage top.

You can then switch between the single view and the multi-view on the inside section and then click on the live stream button to see the games which are available for watching. You can choose the betting markets at the top of the page. It allows the players to see a particular market for all the live fixtures. When you click on the live fixture, you will see the vital stats of the game displayed on the page’s left-hand side with the betting markets on the right in the column center.

Mobile Betting / App

The Mozzartbet Kenya desktop version is classy in appearance, with the mobile version being much better than that! The mobile site works very well and is well organized with the menu on its left-hand side. The most popular games and the live betting area are in the middle of the column. Mozzartbet also has an android app that can be downloaded from the Mozzartbet official website page. The app is very responsive and does allow one to watch live streams of games and make live bets.

Customer support

Mozzartbet does have a very comprehensive help section where a user can always go through the frequently asked question in case what they want to inquire about has already been addressed at the Mozzartbet FAQ section. In case your question has not been addressed in the FAQ section, you can contact the Mozzartbet customer service team via the following platforms:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Telephone number: 0709 168 000

The customer service support is available ona 24/7 basis all year round account to the website. The customer support will also ask their customers what language they can use if Swahili or English. The support team is very knowledgeable and handles their customers with lots of respect.

Pros and Cons

Just like other online sports betting sites, Mozzartbet is not an exception, and it has its set of pros and cons. Here are Mozzartbet pros and cons you will encounter while interacting with the Mozzartbet platform.


  • Live to bet
  • Has a daily mega jackpot of KSH 10 million
  • Have physical betting shops across the country
  • Offers a comprehensive option of sports and gambling events
  • Withdrawals and deposits can be made online
  • Customer service support team is excellent
  • Simplified mobile phone betting process


  • Few betting events when compared to other bookmakers
  • Their physical shops are not in every place across the country

Mozzartbet Kenya has a perfect and clean website that works well while the mobile Mozzartbet site version is impressive. There are many betting markets, while the sports coverage is comprehensive compared to any African website. However, Mozzartbet needs to make some improvements to the customer service department. We hope you are now in a position of signing up to Mozzartbet account, make a deposit of funds, place bets and withdraw your funds from Mozzartbet. In case you experience any issue or have any query do not hesitate to contact the support team in any of the communication channels listed above.